Hayseeds Hats' Crystal and Rhinwstone Belts. Traditional Hats
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Lynn & Connie Koenig  - Co Owners
Lynn's Cell: (970) 347-7024
Connie's Cell: (970) 371-1240
Kersey, Colorado 80644
Website: hayseeds-hats.net
Bound Brim Bangora* 
Adult Brim & Crown 4
Sizes: 6 5/8 - 7 5/8
 HH - 137

Kids: One Size (JR)
Kids Brim & Crown 3"

Bangora - Western Crown 
Adult Brim & Crown 4"
Sizes: 6 5/8 - 7 3/4
 HH - 138

Sizes: Junior  Only
Kids Brim & Crown 3"

Canvas Straw Western Crown
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large & X-Large
Crown & Brim 4" 

Kids: One Size
Kids Brim & Crown 3"
 HH - 133

Elastic Sweat Band
Canvas / Straw Tom Mix
Brim 4"  
3 1/2" Front, 6" Back
HH -  132   

Black Canvas Straw
ADULT - 4" Brim & Crown
Kids - 3" Brim and Crown
Elastic sweatband
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HOW DO I KNOW MY HAT SIZE?   Measure the circumference of you head approximately 1" inch above where you ear connects to you head, the measurement will fit within the sizing chart found on FQA page.
Hayseeds Hats Brown Crochet HH-178
Sundown brown western style hat. Slight did in front in the crochet appearance  for ventilation and style. Beaded hatband, wire in outside edge of brim for ease of shaping. The elastic sweatband give comfort and fit. 

SIZE: Medium Only
Custom Bridal Hats
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