Hayseeds hats sell quality western cowboy hats and unique party hats. Our motto: Champaigne Hats at Beer Prices. Hayseeds Hats
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Champaign Hats on a Beer Budget

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Lynn & Connie Koenig  - Co Owners
Lynn's Cell: (970) 347-7024
Connie's Cell: (970) 353-4135
Kersey, Colorado 80644
Website: hayseeds-hats.net
We sell quality palm leaf hats in several styles and prices. Click on the Palm leaf  hat above  to take you to the page showing all palm leafs available. Sized to fit!
Our economical and durable canvas and straw hats are offered a variety of shapes and sizes. Great for work, dress, or knocking around in.  Great starter hat. Click on hat to see selection.
Click on hat to see complete selection of hats made exclusively for HAYSEED HATS. We will customize a hat for you.
Hayseeds is no normal hat sale establishment. We customize half of all hats sold, therefore, chances seeing a hat like yours is near impossible
Gene Autry's Cowboy Code of Honor 
1.A cowboy never takes unfair advantage -- even of an enemy.
 2.A cowboy never betrays a trust. He never goes back on his word.
 3.A cowboy always tells the truth.
 4.A cowboy is kind and gentle to small children, old folks, and animals.
 5.A cowboy is free from racial and religious intolerances.
 6.A cowboy is always helpful when someone is in trouble.
 7.A cowboy is always a good worker.
 8.A cowboy respects womanhood, his parents, and his nation's laws.
 9.A cowboy is clean about his person in thought, word, and deed.
 10.A cowboy is a Patriot.

If you would like to view more of the old  movie cowboys code for the Old West click on this link.
*Free shipping within mainland USA - Others will be calculated.
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The cowboy hat is a high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat best known as the defining piece of attire for the North American cowboy. Today it is worn by many people, and is particularly associated with ranch workers in the western and southern United States, western Canada and northern Mexico, with country-western singers, and for participants in the North American rodeo circuit. It is recognized around the world as part of Old West lore. The shape of a cowboy hat's crown and brim are often modified by the wearer for fashion and to protect against weather.

It is an item of apparel that can be worn in any corner of the world, and receive immediate recognition as part of North American cowboy culture. The first western model was the open-crowned "Boss of the Plains," and after that came the front-creased Carlsbad, destined to become “the” cowboy style. The high-crowned, wide-brimmed, soft-felt western hats that followed are intimately associated with the cowboy image.
HOW DO I KNOW MY HAT SIZE?   Measure the circumference of you head approximately 1" inch above where you ear connects to you head, the measurement will fit within the sizing chart found on FQA page.


Hayseeds takes great pride in the quality western cowboy hats for women, men and children we sell. Our specialties is the traditional western style cowboy hats and have in our inventory the Gus style, Cattleman and Western crown hats. Our HAYSEEDS label hats are made exclusively for us.
Our large selection of fashion and party hats for women are beyond comparison. We carry very distinctive hats and various brands at reasonable price. Hayseeds Hats' exclusively handcrafted hats will last for many years. A very good quality for the price. A terrific buy! 
This is a purchase you will not regret. We have been selling Hayseeds hats for years and have NEVER had a complaint. Worn by both men and women and looks great on both. True Western Style Cowboy Hats.
Hayseeds believe in principles when working with our customers and are committed to outstanding customer service. We now have our hats custom made for HAYSEEDS with our names and website address on the inside headband.
Confederate Bling Caps

Hayseeds Hats is now carrying a denim cap featuring the confederate flag. The bill of the cap is silver studded for style and attention getting. The flag is silver studded to emphasize the design. While the cap itself has adjustable Velcro closure in the back to fit most sizes. 

This cap will be available at events only so if you want one you will need to stop in at one of our events. 

Hayseeds hats has been a vendor at many fairs, rodeos, and festivals over the last 17 years.. Five years ago we purchased a trailer for our vending events. It was then customized by Hayseeds.  We carry of 200 varieties of hats with us to events.. All displays are store within trailer for transport.