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We should all live by!

It  don't take a lot of laws to keep the rangeland straight.
Nor book to write them in because there are only six or eight.
  • The first one is the Welcome signwritten deep in Western hearts.
  • My camp is yours and yours is mine in all cow country parts.
  • Treat with respect all women kind; same as you would your sister.
  • Take care of neighbor's strays you find and don't call  cowboys "Mister".
  • Shut the pasture gates when passin thru, and takin all in all.
  • Be jest as rough as pleases you  but  never mean nor small.
  • Talk straight, shoot straight, and never  break your word to man or boss.
  • Plumb always kill a rattlesnake, don't ride a soreback hoss.
  • It don't take law nor pedigree to live the best you can.
  • These few is all it takes to be a cowboy an-a-man.

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O Lord I've lived where churches grow,
I've loved Creation as it stood
That day you finished it so long ago
And looked upon Your work and called it good.

Just let me live my life as I've began
And give me work that's open to the sky.
Make me a partner of the wind and sun
And I won't ask for a life that's soft or high.

Make me as big and open as the plains;
As honest as the horse between my knees;
Clean as the wind that blows behind the rains,
Free as the hawk that circles down the breeze.

Just keep an eye on all that's done and said,
Just right me sometimes when I turn aside;
And guide me on the long dim trail ahead
That stretches toward the Great Divide.

Lynn & Connie Koenig - Co Owners
Lynn's Cell: (970) 347-7024
Connie's Cell: (970) 371-1240
Kersey, Colorado 80644
E-Mail: hayseeds_hats@yahoo.com