Hayseeds Hats are recognized as the strong competitor in the western fashion hat industry. Hayseeds hats feature superior finishing, innovative style, and exclusive trimmings. Hayseeds Hats are manufactured exclusively for us. We offer unique styles for customers with discriminating tastes.

The following is a brief description of how our hats are made.

How Hats Are Made ::
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Lynn & Connie Koenig  - Co Owners
Lynn's Cell: (970) 347-7024
Connie's Cell: (970) 353*4135
Kersey, Colorado 80644
Website: hayseeds-hats.net
E-Mail: hayseeds_hats@yahoo.com
 1) Choosing the proper hat body is the beginning of the hat making process. Each hat body is handcrafted by expert hat makers using a variety of materials; Natural Straw, Palm Leaf and many others.
2 ) Each hat body is dipped into stiffening lacquer to make it more durable and water resistant. We do not run our hats through ovens for drying they are allowed to air-dry. Even though this process takes longer it allows the lacquer to cure uniformly and eliminates peeling and cracking.

3) Hayseeds hats are trimmed to the proper brim width. No matter what material is used.. A shapeable wire is sewn into the brim of most hats. This allows the hats to be shaped to your liking. You are the designer of the shape in most hats made by Hayseeds.

4) The hats are trimmed to the proper brim width.
  5) The Brims will the have the shapeable wire sewn into the edge of the brim. And the 
  sweatbands are individually fitted to the inside of each hat.
  6) Hats are then embellished with the unique trim, bands and appropriate adornment. 
  Each hat MUST pass a consistent quality control inspection
7) The hats are then boxed and shipped to Hayseeds Hats for sale. We found our manufacturer many years ago before many of the national franchises even carried any of the progressive styles. Hayseeds Hats carry over two hundred styles of hats, many more than most retails and many more than we know of. We have not even started listing all the hats we carry. In fact we only are able to display approx. 150 at any given time at events.